Beware of tutoring service centers’ scam

Students in general and students of University of Languages and International Studies ( ULIS)  in particular commonly struggle to support themselves by tutoring. Taking advantage of this situation, scam tutoring service center recently sprung up around numerous university areas, especially Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Understanding the needs of students whose desire is quickly getting part-time jobs,  scam tutoring service centers have applied several sophisticated scams, such as changing number of subjects, giving fake address and arranging classes which do not match agreement in the contract.

Ulis student’s warnning about tutoring service centres’ scam in Ulis Confession.


A student shares about one of the tutoring service center’s ways of scam.

These inexperienced college students often fall for some of these most common scams. Firstly, they confirm that college students just need to teach one subject, but in fact they have to teach other subjects as requirements of the student’s parents. Secondly, job seekers get fake student’s address and phone number. Thirdly, tutor broker just asks which class they want to teach and automatically arrange a teaching slot for them. After giving her their identity card and teaching fee, college students who just realize that they are being cheated, cannot receive a full refund of your deposit.

H.T.H –a student of the English teaching faculty said that she had been cheated once. The tutoring service center offered a  wrong phone number of parents or students who had no need to hire tutors. After that, H contacted many times to request a refund of deposit, but this center’s staff deliberately evaded paying her. H and many students of other faculties like Chinese, Japanese and French, etc…also agree that the action of deceiving students is inhuman, which makes them extremely angry and nervous.

An Ulis girl shares about her tutoring problem.

D.T.T.H – a student of Faculty of oriental Cultures and Languages who has three years of working as a tutor, shared that the tutoring service center scene nowadays is very complicated. There are many prestigious and reliable centers, yet at the same time, those who have deceived college students still exist. Besides, she also claimed that she had been cheated by a tutoring service center when she was a freshman. In the contract, she would teach three times a week, but in fact only once a week. She demanded explanation and refund. Nevertheless, she did not receive any response from them.

According to survey, college students hope that local authorities will get rid of all scam tutoring service centers to help them find a better tutoring job and create a healthy tutoring environment.

Undoubtedly, college students need to consciously cope with and beware of tutoring service centers to avoid being scammed.


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